45 Minutes PAW Patrol Minions Play-Doh Toys Games & Surprise Eggs for Kids Children & Toddlers

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Get ready for 45 minutes of , toys, games, surprises, , and more with PAW Patrol full episodes toy videos! In this video, we help pups from the PAW Patrol toys learn the secret of a magic color changing egg, open up a set of minion toys, and even check out some cool minion color changers that turn all the colors of the rainbow! With toys from Nick Jr., PAW Patrol, Minions, play-doh and more, who knows what surprises we'll find next?

Videos include:
PAW Patrol Pups Find A Magic Egg
Get ready for with colors and these PAW Patrol toys! Rubble found a magic color-changing egg! Will Chase and the rest of the PAW Patrol team be able to figure out where it belongs? We'll need the help of Everest, Zuma, Skye, Rocky, Marshall, and YOU to figure this out. You never know what surprises we'll find!

PAW Patrol Magic Color Changing Box
Watch this Magic Box turn PAW Patrol pups into different pups by changing colors!

Minions Rainbow Color Changers
Learn colors with these rainbow color-changing Minion toys!

Opening Minions Toy Play Set
Check out these super cute and ultra cool Minion toys from Wal-Mart!

Minions Play-Doh Surprise Eggs
What ! Here we have eight Play-Doh surprise eggs, each with its own unique Minion toy–check it out!

with PAW Patrol: Learn Numbers
Learn to count with PAW Patrol!

Minions Silly Playtime
It's silly playtime for these Minion toys!

TONS of Surprise Egg Toys for Kids Children & Toddlers
We've got ZILLIONS of surprise eggs to open in this video! Each of this colorful eggs has its own unique toy inside. I wonder what we'll find? Let's open and unbox them to find out! We could find toy action figures, playsets, games, superhero toys, make-up and lots more. And they'll even help us learn colors!

Which color egg is your favorite? Do you have a favorite toy? Enjoy and have playing!

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