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Fun Farm Animals and Horse Toys For Kids – Learn Animal Names


Hi kids, today we are going to show you new additions to our farm animals toys. This is a fun and educational where children can learn some animal names. Please subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already done so. Like, share, and comment on our video. And, as always, thanks for watching!

Here is a listing of the toys featured in this video:
Terra Wooden Horse Barn
CP Toys Deluxe Horse Stable Playset
Power Farm Tractor Trailer Children’s Kid’s Friction Powered Toy
Truck Playset (Green)-I can’t find it in red anymore
Knabstrupper Mare
Knabstrupper Foal
Frisian Stallion-Black
Arabian Stallion (Arab)
Rodeo Bull Toy Figure (Brown Bull)
Young Goat
Safari, LTD:
Ameraucana chicken ( hen)
Black Bull
Pygmy Nanny Goat
Black Sheep
Billy Goat
Brahman Bull

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