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71gxyB E0UL. SL1500  - Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Craft KitToys & Games 

Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Craft Kit

Num Noms Lipgloss Truck is lip-smacking fun! Mix your personal flavorful lip gloss with Cherry, Vanilla as well as Glitter Sprinkles! Pour the lip gloss into the truck as well as give it like soft serve gelato into a Nom lip gloss sundae container. Perfect for showing pals! Product Features: – Num Noms Lipgloss Truck includes everything you need to make tailored flavored lip gloss! – Pick your flavor, add sprinkles, mix it all up, as well as give it from the gelato machine – 1 Lip gloss base, 2 Lip gloss tastes (cherry as well as vanilla), 1 shine sprinkles, 1 cupcake making device with cherry spatula – 1 Special Edition, Scented Num: Cherry Scoop – 3 Lip gloss sundae container Noms – Wheel or lug it with you on the move! – Includes Collector's Menu – Ages: 3+ years

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