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Pass the Pigs

These 2 little pigs will keep you delighted all day long. This traditional parlor game consists of 2 pigs you use as dice, pad, 2 pencils and bring instance. Roll them as many times as you dare on your count on rack up factors. Just don't duty a "shovel it in" or an "oinker". First person to 100 points wins. Makes a suitable travel video game with its tiny plastic lugging situation. Imported.;; How's your resistance for word play heres? You'll need some for , a simple gambling game constructed around a pig theme. Rather than dice, you roll 2 adorable pink hogs, and you obtain or lose points depending on just how the critters land. As an example, if both arrive at all fours, called a "double trotter," you obtain 20 points, if they land existing other each various other, called a "Pig Out," you obtain no factors and also deliver your turn. There are a number of various other rules in addition to a variant called "Hog Call." This would be a great travel game (the pigs, instructions, as well as scoring pad fit in a little, neat box) or a fine existing for somebody that's, well, into pigs!– Elisa Murray; See all Product Description.

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