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Re-Ment collectables #2 – Cooking, Mom’s kitchen

Item name:
2:54 (Mom's kitchen).
Brand: Re-Ment.
( 1) It cost 263 yen each collection. This set made in 2005 was ceased.
( 2) Collectables for ages 12 and up. Those collectibles are not toys for a kid. You keep them presented as a collection.
( 3) The best ways to save them.

( 4) They are not magnets. They snap in position or are simply set in location.
( 5) It does not realty cook. (The items really did not in fact change colour. They're simply before-and-after points.).
( 6) I made 1/12 scale kitchen area. You can see detail of the kitchen area.

( 7) 0:47 (Curry roux.).
2:07 -2:15 (Rice cake wrapped with nori seaweed.) The small white square things are meant to be rice cakes (mochi).

4:47 (# 26-7) I shed quail eggs. (T_T).

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