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Final Girl Review Toys & Games 

Final Girl Review

This is a guest post from Matt Kiser. Laurie Strode. Nancy Thompson. Ginny Field. These are the heroines in whose footsteps you run when Final Girl is on the table. For the uninitiated, the final girl is the last one standing at the end of a horror movie. The term, first used by film scholar […]

The Book of Rituals Review Toys & Games 

The Book of Rituals Review

The Book of RitualsMy partner’s in her lab again. I can hear her joyfully exclaim when she discovers, growl when a breakthrough slips through her fingers. She’s been at this for days, alone and working by candlelight, ever since we stumbled upon the final ingredient to the philosopher’s stone. Something seems to call to her, which is most […]

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Land vs Sea Review Toys & Games 

Land vs Sea Review

Land vs SeaKetchup vs. mustard. Skiing vs. snowboarding. Purses vs. handbags. Soft shell vs. hard shell. Unicycles vs. bicycles. Flip flops vs. sneakers. These age-old contests have left generations of people pondering which side should be victorious. (Except the unicycle/bicycle one. That’s a no-brainer victory for the unicycle. I’m also partial to handbags, but I’m willing to […]

Godtear Review Toys & Games 

Godtear Review

GodtearTear is a funny word. It can mean to rip something apart, but it’s also a noun for the liquid that comes out of your eyes. When I first saw the box cover for Godtear, I immediately thought it was the first definition. I was like cool, a game about a world ripped apart by […]

Second Inquisition – Vampire the Masquerade Review Toys & Games 

Second Inquisition – Vampire the Masquerade Review

Second InquisitionAfter my review of the Sabbat: The Black Hand supplement, I was really excited to dive into the Second Inquisition. The topic is usually one shrouded in secrecy in other Vampire the Masquerade media and always lurks in the background like a shark under the water, always a constant threat to the vampire protagonist. Whether […]

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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Review Toys & Games 

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Review

Power Rangers: Heroes of the GridThis is a guest post from Marcus Burchers. A few years ago, I walked into my local store and saw there was a brand new display for a Power Rangers miniatures game, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. I kind of laughed about it at the time, because when was the last time there had […]

Curious George
Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers Review Toys & Games 

Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers Review

Rajas of the Ganges The Dice CharmersMy wife and I were heading down to visit my quietly brilliant 16-year-old niece, so I suggested we play a game. I needed something portable and easy to teach, but also a little more advanced than a typical gateway game because my niece could beat adults at Ticket to Ride when she was eight. I […]

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Roll Player Adventures Review Toys & Games 

Roll Player Adventures Review

Roll Player AdventuresMy first gaming love was Dungeons and Dragons. Like many people my age I started with the red and blue boxes before progressing to the Advanced D&D rules and played several other editions over the ensuing years. A lot of board games try to be that ever elusive RPG-in-a-box that doesn’t require a game master. […]

Legacies Review Toys & Games 

Legacies Review

LegaciesI’m at my desk, typing away at this review when the door bursts inward, and two children rush to my side. “Dad! Dad!” shouts the oldest, only five feet away from me. The youngest watches my fingers type this sentence and waits for a reaction. “Dad!” The youngest’s eyes go wide, knowing that the older […]

JoJo Siwa
Star Trek: Missions Review Toys & Games 

Star Trek: Missions Review

Star Trek MissionsIn 2017, WizKids Games published a little combo builder called Fantasy Realms. To be honest, I had not even heard of this title until Red Rising was released last year. Publisher Stonemaier Games said his inspiration for Red Rising was based on Fantasy Realms. I’m not sure if that bit of publicity helped the remaining […]