LEGO-Disney-Pixar-Toy-Story-4-Forkys-Rescue-As-Told-With-LEGO-Bricks Entertainment Toys and Games Videos 

LEGO Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 – Forky’s Rescue – As Told With LEGO Bricks

[autovid_profit_transcript] Familiar friends, new faces, and an epic #LEGO brick adventure! Watch Forky’s rescue and get ready to see Disney and Pixar’s #ToyStory4 in theaters June 21. Subscribe to the OFFICIAL LEGO channels: LEGO: LEGO Lab: LEGO Gaming: LEGO FanTube:

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THE-LEGO-MOVIE-2-Giant-Smash-Surprise-Toys-Wall-Game-LEGO-2-MOVIE-TOYS Entertainment Toys and Games Videos 

THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Giant Smash Surprise Toys Wall Game LEGO 2 MOVIE TOYS

[autovid_profit_transcript] Play The Lego Movie 2 Giant Smash Surprise Toys Wall Game: Who’s going to have the missing Lucy Doll and win Goldie’s Treasure? Will it be: Emmet, Rex Dangervest, Lucy, Queen What’evre Wa’ Nabi, The Lego Logo, General Sweet Mayhem, Metal Beard, Batman, Banarnar, Angry Unikitty, Ice Cream Cone or Aquaman?? Put your guess in the comments and be a winner. Family fun in this kid friendly video staring “The Kids” and the GIANT SMASH SURPRISE WALL full of toys. Tons of cool movie toys, chaos, family fun and…

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LEGO-FRIENDS-MISSION-Tianas-Birthday-Party-Surprise Entertainment Toys and Games Videos 

LEGO FRIENDS MISSION!! Tiana’s Birthday Party Surprise

[autovid_profit_transcript] Thank you LEGO for sponsoring this video. Meet the LEGO Friends Heart Squad – Tiana, Ruby Rube and Rosie McClelland.#Advertisement We’ve come together to create the LEGO Friends Heart Squad! Just like the LEGO Friends characters, Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Emma, and Stephanie, we’ll be taking part in missions to give the world more heart. Follow us and keep your eyes peeled for more exciting content!#WeveGotHeart #LEGOFriends Follow me Musically @littlett07 Get Merch Here ➤ Tiana’s new channel below ➤… Hi friends, you can send me mail here:)…

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