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Miniatures Game Review – Gaslands: Refueled

Our miniatures correspondent, Eric Tonjes, returns! If you missed Eric’s most recent reviews, don’t miss him on Guild Ball, Necromunda: Underhive and Warhammer 40,000 (8th edition). Eric: Gentlepeople, start your engines. It’s Eric here, back after a bit of a hiatus to talk about one of the most interesting miniatures games to come out in the last few years: Gaslands Refueled. While rarely remarked upon, automobiles are deeply violent machines. This is true on the level of raw mechanics, as we strap ourselves into steel boxes that harness explosions in order to drag us at high velocity. They are also some of the most dangerous devices made available to the average consumer – globally, autos cause somewhere north of a million fatalities per year. Little wonder, then, that they have created a niche genre where this violence is made explicit. In movies like Death Race and Mad Max and video games like the Twisted Metal series I played with gusto as a teen, spikes and guns are strapped to these death machines to make them, well, Machines of Death. Gaslands seeks to transliterate vehicle violence to the tabletop. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where earth has been turned to a wasteland and its citizens compete in contests of vehicular mayhem in the hope of escape, it simulates the belching exhaust, squealing transmissions and rat-a-tat gunfire that my inner teenager still craves.

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Nerd³ Toys – What’s In The Egg?

[autovid_profit_transcript] Puzzling… Live Streaming: Twitch: Other Channels: Main Channel: Dad³ Channel: Official Site: Nerd³ Site: Talking Bollocks: Twitter: Community Stuff: Discord: Teamspeak: Reddit: Capitalism: NerdCubed Garden Music Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Play Doh Launch Game | Play Doh Games N Toys|Tuesday PlayDoh|B2cutecupcakes

More Tuesday Play Doh this time I review and play with the PLAY-DOH Launch Game witch is a lot of fun, you can play solo or up to three people can play with this game. This Playdoh play set comes with lots of molds on each station. to Watch more Play Doh Reviews click HERE: Frosting Fun Bakery : Playdoh Candy Jar: I have more playdoh videos you can watch them here: Play- doh scoops N Treats: Playdoh Barnyard Pals: Play-Doh Dr Drill N fill : Coloring Easter Eggs: Orbeez…

A Frog In The Tub!! Annabelle Freaks Out “Not A Toy Video”

I remained in the garage dealing with my mower when a Frog hopped in. I captured it and mosted likely to reveal the women however they remained in the tub playing like it was a pool. So I tossed it in the tub to see what would happen. lol Freak Out! Thank You for enjoying my women enjoy or buy toys. If you Share any of our videos, we wish to state an unique Thank You, because it really does assist us out.:-RRB- We Love You ALL! Right here Are…

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