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The Best Selling Brain Toys

If you’re looking for the best toys around that can also serve as for helping your child’s brain development, then you cant go wrong with these four best-selling items.

1. Snap Circuits Jr.

This is a winner of the “Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products Winner” and it consists of 101 useful and exciting electronic gadgets and games. Its easy to use and understand, plus all the parts snap easily into place. It’s just perfect for those aspiring engineers. Among the intriguing experiments are Flying Saucer, Music Alarm Combo, Pencil Alarm, Space War Flicker, Voice Controlled Lamp, Spin Draw, Race Game, Strobe the House Lights and Spinning Rings.

2. Deluxe Standing Easel

If it’s your child’s creativity and imagination that you want to develop then the Deluxe Standing Easel is what you’re looking for. It has an adjustable height, offers high-quality construction and is comprised of attractive colors. It also comes with a dry erase board on one side and a chalkboard on the other. Its accessories include a paper cutter, four large clips to post artwork and two extra large plastic trays that are ideal for storing all your budding ’s essentials.

3. Deflexion

Deflexion is a unique game that offers both high technology and tons of action. The game uses lasers in a classic chess-like strategy setting that is both cool and smart. At the start of the game, each player has 12 Egyptian-themed pieces & a laser that is built into the board. The players take turns in moving their pieces around the board while firing safe and low powered laser diodes. If a player hits his opponent’s pieces, they’re dead. The object of the game is to bring down the other player’s Pharaoh.

4. Snap Circuits 300-in-1

Here’s another winner of the “Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products” award. It offers a diverse collection of colorful materials that kids can easily snap together in the format they wish by simply following easy-to-understand instructions. There are over 300 possible projects, including Music Radio Station, Spacey Fan, The Lie Detector, Spinning Rings, Race Car Engine, Mosquito, Water Detector, Old Style Typewriter, Blow-off a Space War and Steamship.

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