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Wendy Pretend Play w Giant Fruit Veggies Pillow Kids Food ToysEntertainment Toys and Games Videos 

Wendy Pretend Play w/ Giant Fruit & Veggies Pillow Kids Food Toys


Wendy pretend play with giant fruit and vegetable pillow toys for kids! Uncle K has a lot of fruit and veggie pillows and Wendy really wants to play with them. She asks Auntie to buy some for her, but Auntie says they can go after they clean up. They go to Uncle John’s toy store and have to trade fruit toys and vegetables for the pillows. They go around and look for the toys. They were able to find an orange toy and trade it for an orange pillow. Uncle Tim sells his watermelon toy to them. Wendy and Auntie collect all of the pillow toys and Uncle Tim joins them and plays too!

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